Vordik is a Toronto Digital Agency that Develops and Designs Websites and Mobile Applications

We help organizations build
interactive digital experiences.

The perfect blend of design & Technology.

We work with businesses and organizations of all industries in designing & implementing innovative digital solutions. From interactive websites to custom mobile applications, we always crave a new challenge. Explore our services, discover our past projects, and get in touch. The coffee is already brewing!

Recent Case Study

Grabb Mobile: Breaking the Business Model of the Takeout Market

By breaking down the takeout problem, Grabb has been able to discover how mobile technology can not only improve the ordering process, but revolutionize it. In late 2014, with a new app…

Latest Insights

Meet the Amazing Briana Christine

Meet Briana Christine – she’s a mommy of 3, a successful entrepreneur, and a huge loser (of over 100 pounds)! …

Latest Insights

Vordik's 5 Favourite Lunch Spots

Every Friday, the team at Vordik steps away from our desks and computers for an hour (or so) and scours the Corktown/St.Lawrence area in Toronto seeking out delicious finds. …

Latest Insights

Win Over Website Users With Microinteractions

The secret to smooth, well-designed websites used to be looking at the big picture and creating a static, yet visually appealing experience. …

Brands We’ve Worked With
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