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Cloud Security: Why You Shouldn't Be Worried

The phrase “Cloud security” seems to be troubling IT departments more and more each day. Between a general lack of understanding and a few major scares, trust in cloud technology is…


Do Enterprise and Wearables Jive?

Wearable devices are growing in popularity for consumers and many businesses speculate that they are the next platform shift, like the smartphone was a few years ago….


iPhone 6: What you need to know

It’s that time again. Apple is rumoured to introduce the latest version of the iPhone on September 9th and the tech world awaits the day with baited breath….


Making the Most of Your Conference Room

If you feel like your team is lacking meeting productivity, one of the symptoms could be outdated equipment and practices in the conference room. Time for an update? It may just…


6 Fantastic Cloud Apps for Small Business

You may remember an earlier blog post we did on cloud strategy. Now, let’s keep that conversation going and talk about some apps you may find useful in the cloud space….


Augmented Reality in Unexpected Places

Almost everyone knows about the existence of Google Glass by now, yet since very few have their hands on the latest gadget, there exists a mystique around Augmented Reality and its…

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