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UX Is More Than Just a Pretty Website

User Experience (UX) is a strategic combination of art and science. In the digital world, smart design depends on how well you know your users, how precise your content is, what…


How Local SEO is Empowering the Consumer

Having recently returned from a trip to San Francisco, one of Vordik’s team members was overwhelmed with the amazing food scene in the city. What’s more is that he has chalked…


Drupal 8: 6 Reasons You Will Love it

With great anticipation, marketers and IT managers alike await the arrival of Drupal 8. There are all kinds of updates and changes in the works but here are 6 notable ones…


7 Cloud Collaboration Tools for Your Business

The ability to work effectively in a team setting is an important aspect of day-to-day business. Here are 7 new ways to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity within your team and…

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