Why January is Perfect for a New Web Development Strategy

Vordik Team

Which one are you?

Truthfully, the first few weeks of the new year can actually be a great time to look at kicking off new projects – especially if they centre upon your company’s web presence. A fresh enthusiasm paired with new sales goals make the perfect time for a web development company to make 2019 your best year ever. Here’s why.

Take advantage of slower sales

It’s somewhat common for companies to notice a slight dip in sales right after the holidays. Depending on the nature of your company’s services, this might have to do with people’s post-holiday cashflow, or it might be that the holidays are a time of rest and relaxation and certain services aren’t required during that period.

While you’re waiting for your product and service sales to pick up again, it can be an excellent time to take a look at your digital real estate and evaluate whether it’s leveraging your business in the best way possible.

A new web development strategy can increase sales, reach new target markets, give your processes an edge and prepare your company for the future. If there’s something about digital strategy you’ve always been curious about – such as pursuing online sales or accessibility requirements – the post-holiday lull can be a great time to reach out to a web development agency.

Embrace – and sustain – momentum

The culture of new year’s resolutions is pretty hard to avoid, so why not embrace it? In the same way you might decide to stop eating less red meat or listen to more podcasts in your personal life, your business can benefit from reinvention too.

The trick with this is to sustain the energy you feel about change so that it lasts throughout the year. Maybe in January you believe this will be the year you optimize your website to increase Search Engine Optimization. Maybe this is the year you’ll gain a mobile edge on your competitors by streamlining your site’s user experience.

While it’s easy to be excited about these things in the short-term, working with a web development company lets you formulate an actionable plan for these things, one that fits your needs and timeline. Working with partners also holds you accountable, and as any successful new years resolution enthusiast will tell you, having someone hold you accountable for changes is key when it comes to making lasting change.

2019 means new attitudes for your clients too

It’s not just businesses that are starting 2019 with new attitudes around the internet. A new year brings a new digital landscape and increasingly, customer’s attitudes are changing as well.

A good example of this is the ongoing concern about data privacy. After the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle, Facebook lost approximately one million users, and many users began to rethink their use of the internet for data sharing. In Canada, this influenced an overhaul of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which will be newly unrolled in 2019. Increasingly, web security is something customers care about, so businesses benefit from taking into consideration what their potential audiences need in the new year as well.

You could ease back into January and see where things settle, or you could use the renewed energy to make this year your company’s best. The time to begin planning your digital for 2019 is now.