Digital Consulting


  • Web Strategy
  • Cloud & Mobile Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Usability Consulting
  • Accessibility Auditing
  • CMS Consulting
  • Speed & Performance Analysis
  • User Research & Focus Group Design
  • Web Security Consulting

Rethinking Digital Strategy

Technology never stops, so designing for today is pointless. Vordik maintains a continual understanding of the evolving digital landscape, and ensures that all strategies, designs and technologies take into account the latest trends and future trajectories.

Designing Best Practice

Knowing best practice is one thing; advancing it is another. Great products are designed with the right balance of user expectation and intuitive innovation, which is why Vordik holds a deep understanding of current best practices.

The Right Technology

What is the right technology for you? This question might spark a dozen answers from a dozen people. However, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each technology’s scalability, integrations, flexibility, security and usage. Vordik consults with agencies, organizations and entrepreneurs in researching and identifying the right technologies for all applications.

E-Commerce Strategy

eCommerce success is driven by an understanding of the consumer. From persona research to user flow analysis, Vordik can spearhead the strategy needed to fuel both new and refreshed eCommerce projects.

Case Study


DR-HO'S and Vordik drive online sales of its renowned pain therapy products.

See Case Study
Vordik Project Case Study for DR HO'S
Vordik Project Case Study for DR HO'S
Vordik Project Case Study for DR HO'S
Vordik Project Case Study for DR HO'S

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